Hi, I'm Sebastian!

I’m a UX engineer and frontend developer from Zurich, Switzerland. Born and raised in Germany however, living in Zurich since 2005.

Besides being a UX engineer and frontend developer, I am also a founder and entrepreneur, a project and team manager, having a track record working as freelancer, as corporate employee and startup CEO.

Founding a company — Quiply

My most recent project was to grow a startup company developing a white-label mobile app platform called Quiply. Quiply enables companies and organizations having a distributed mobile workforce to communicate and coordinate themselves better. For Quiply, we chose a hybrid development approach for the mobile app in order to leverage its code for also providing an accompanying web app without having to recreate everything from scratch.

Our startup company did also deliver some custom projects to various clients, for example a mobile app for bicycle manufacturers and bicycle riders buying their products — the CyBike app.

Regarding the products we have developed, my role was UI and UX design as well as frontend development of all the products we’ve delivered.

Before that

Until beginning of 2015 I used to be working in various different roles for a large (re)insurance corporation, e.g. as project manager, as team lead for a Business Intelligence team, as Business Analyst and Requirements Engineer to name a few. During that time, I didn’t do any coding and development work for more than 10 years.

Side Projects

A few years ago, I was looking for language exchange partners to improve my French and Spanish language skills but couldn’t find a good website where language learners could find peers to meet in person. So, I developed the Languagefriends website in my leisure time which is still around today. The site actually really helped me finding language learning peers!

A looong time ago, though, during my studies, I used to work as a freelance frontend developer, using outrageous hacks such as HTML tables, inline font tags and spacer gifs in order to accomplish certain page layouts. And people said I was quite good at it.

These times fortunately are long gone and by now I’d call myself a CSS/HTML senior expert using most recent standards and approaches.


Oh, yes, some time ago I studied Business Engineering — in German Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen — at University of Karlsruhe, Germany, finishing with a Diplom degree. At that time a Diplom degree was the German equivalent to a University master degree.

And for those who are keen to know, about 20 years ago, I also used to work as a Snowboarding instructor.


If you are a potential client and want to inquire about frontend development work, please send me an email. You’ll normally hear back from me within a couple of days.

In case you would just like to say hi or would like to contact me regarding anything else, you might also tweet me.